Your desires always have potential to become true, whenever you want something with enough dedication it would only be a matter of time before what you want becomes fully realized. However, you must consider meeting not only your mortal desires but also your spiritual desires as well, for these in combination are the driving force of all that has the potential for you.


It is your own demons that come to haunt you in time, rather than those of external evil or negative forces. You create and give life to the undesirable forces that would harm you or lead you from the true path that you should follow. Take care what you focus upon and create within your mind and thereby give power to exist within your reality.


You should always seek to find a worthy cause to dedicate yourself to, some purpose that will make a difference that will last and change things forever. By dedicating your energy to achieving your ambitions, your goals, your dreams, your challenges you give your life purpose and develop a reason to be.


Eyes are said to be the window to the soul, in turn, the soul is the window to the spirit. A smile brings joy and energy to the soul; so it is possible to make your spirits rejoice by smiling, not only to yourself but also to others. To rejoice in your world is enliven the soul and glorify the spirit.


Finding your true self can only be actually achieved once you let go of all you have become. Take away the things that life has given you, forget the way you have been indoctrinated into thinking and acting, then you will be able to find out who you really are including your potential for the future.


Your Soul mates are in fact your spiritual partners who are here to support your life goals and give you comfort and joy in this life. They come into your life, some leave almost unnoticed as the tide of your fortune ebbs and flows; but it is sure that by their presence they will have changed your life forever.

Things Of Importance


You create your life through your dreams, so it should make sense that to remember your dreams is one of the keys to living a richer as well as more rewarding life, through the knowledge you can gain and then use in your daily life. Your dreams are the windows to your higher consciousness, insights into what you should be, what you should be doing.

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dreams are windows to consciousness
SpiritView Salvation Is The Path
realize life is just a journey
Purpose And Potential


You don't need to sacrifice yourself on the crosses of life in order to be delivered into salvation. Whether you win or lose this game of life the outcome will be the same, the reuniting of your soul to become one once again with the spirit. Your salvation is the realization that this life is just a journey, one to be enjoyed, savored and lived well.

A Chance To be


The desires of the spirit will always transcend any barrier that exists when you wish to gain understanding through communication with your higher consciousness. If you lose everything you will still be who you are, nothing will change. So find your true self beyond your physical image, then be who you really are, not what things and life make you. Remove your mental chains letting your spirit soar.

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find your true self beyond the physical
Dedicate Your Life To Your Ambitions

Importance Of Satisfaction

To Wonder And Probe The Possibilities Of Your True Potential

Thought Through Reflection

Controlling Your Thoughts

Don't let negative thoughts consume you, for given the opportunity such thoughts will govern your every waking moment. Always search for the positives in any situation, eliminating negative factors whatever they may be - requiring whatever that may take. You may even need to turn your entire life upside-down in order to be in a position to achieve your true life's goal.

Seeds Of Thought

Take care what you expose your mind to, for consciousness may hatch onto certain issues that could grow out of all proportions, consuming your every waking moment. Focus on what satisfies you and makes you happy, be that learning, work or pleasure; these are the things to focus your mind on, the things to think about and consume your time. The right thoughts will surely feel right, these thoughts are what make you, the thoughts that haunt you will create who you are.

Nurturing Thought

Thoughts are strange things in a way, they invade your peace of mind, your tranquility, your every waking moment, they consume you every waking moment with their logic, concerns, hopes, dreams, worries, love, hate, wonderings, happiness and a whole myriad of other issues. The power of thought if properly nurtured and thoroughly evolved to its maximum potential can provide you with an all mighty weapon and a tool to meet any situation, person or thing that may confront you.

Reflecting Upon Your Life, Its Meaning And Purpose

Reflecting on what has happened to you in your life is the best way to understand your life's path and what has happened and is happening to you. Learn from the past and present in order to prepare yourself for the future; this will assist you in how to deal with things that will occur in the present and future in a more beneficial and efficient way.

Mirrors Of Reflection

It is within your capacity to learn and grow from the things that have happened to you throughout life. Like a mirror reflecting your image, so to your life reflects what you really are - based on what you have been able to achieve.

The Time To Reflect

Life is full of hustle and bustle, rushing here and rushing there, time seems to just pass by so fast before you know it time will have run out. Yet, if you don't stop, listen and reflect on what has been and what you want for the future, the sands of time will leave you as dust blowing in the wind.